The Fempire Builder's Mastermind

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. What would it mean to you and your business to have a group of committed, like-minded business women to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm solutions to challenges with, and work together to accomplish goals with?

The Fempire Builder's Mastermind

COULD YOU USE a place to come with the challenges your facing in your business and brainstorm solutions amongst a group of supportive like-minded entrepreneurs?

WOULDN’T YOU LOVE a group of motivated women that you could turn to for accountability and advice as you grow your business and create the work/life balance you crave?

My paid mastermind groups are meant to help you get just that.

Here’s how it works:

We are together for 6 months. We meet face-to-face for 2 hours each month.

During those 2 hours, we start with a little bit of PD at the beginning, and then we dive into hot seats. The hot seats give you a chance to get attention that is focused solely on your business. We celebrate wins with you, brainstorm solutions for the challenges you bring us, and then you set your intentions for the next month so we can hold you accountable as everyone takes action to achieve their goals together.

Each group also has a closed Facebook group that allows them to stay connected daily, each month members are partnered up with an accountability partner (which rotates by month), and each member gets 3 X 30 minutes private sessions with me to use at their discretion.

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