what we focus on we acheive

What we focus on we achieve. Why? Because by focusing on it, we put effort into and it expands. This time of year is filled with messages of hope and magic as those around us pick what they will focus on for the year.

Call them resolutions, goals or guiding words. It’s all around us, and we can’t help but get swept up in it. Penny and I decided to kick off our New Year with Vision Boarding on Tuesday afternoon.

We’ve likely all seen that when negativity becomes our focus it creeps it’s way into every area of our lives. I have been experimenting with replacing negativity with positivity to see if it had the same effect, and I have been sharing these practices with Penny.

As an autistic person, she struggles to understand social norms and what is going to be accepted vs what is going to be made fun of by her peers. She struggles to understand how her actions affect others and struggles even harder to control some of her less shining impulses that can have her yelling at someone who she loves and wants to be around in a heated moment. All of this boils over in terms of her self-esteem. She has a strong fear of making a mistake so she will either not try at all or beat herself up when she makes a mistake.

This is why I have been sharing all that I have been trying with Penny. It’s why we did a vision board together. So we could spend time focusing on the way we wanted to feel in 2019 and discussing what we could do to make those feeling happen as much as possible.

We set goals around things that we wanted to do to make ourselves feel that way. We cut out and drew pictures, used colours and found words that would serve as reminders to us of all the things we needed to do to make our goals happen. Then we hung them somewhere where we would see them every day. So that we would focus on them, put our efforts into the things they reminded us of and see our goals expand.

While there is a lot of magic and inspiration to draw from at this time of year, unless you take action, apply that inspiration to set goals and create clear roadmaps to accomplishing each of your goals, the magic of this season will completely pass you by. Because you’ll simply have nothing to focus on when it’s over.