Some of you may or may not know that 2015 was a BIG year for me personally.

A lot happened.

My daughter, Penny (then 4), was diagnosed with autism after 2.5 years of going through assessments and therapies. My son, Max (now almost 2), was born, and I had found myself in the middle of a tougher battle with post-partum depression than I experienced after Penny was born. I felt overwhelmed and alone — to say the least.

Eventually I found my way out of the darkness (not that it doesn’t come back and every once and awhile…because it does), and I knew it was time for a change. Returning to my corporate job wasn’t an option. So I leveraged my teaching and business experience, and followed my passion into entrepreneurship…and SK Accountability Coaching was born.

(Okay there was obviously more to it than that…BUT THAT’S A STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY)

While I was excited to be running my own business, living the flexibility that I needed and following my passion, I still found myself feeling overwhelmed and alone. I didn’t realize the value of the consistent connection I was getting in the corporate world…until I didn’t have it anymore. Gone were the chit chats at the coffee machine, the collaboration and brainstorming with colleagues, and the laughing and joking with my cubicle mate.

I needed other entrepreneurs to talk to.

I love my family, but my husband is a true-blue employee, Penny has her own life and interests…and she’s 6, and….well…Max doesn’t talk. All 3 are very supportive and proud of me, but they couldn’t act as the sounding board that I needed.

Sure I was networking…and there’s always social media…but that wasn’t giving me the advisement I needed. Networking is full of quick hellos, structured infomercials and nice afternoon chats, but it wasn’t the deep, business developing conversations I needed. The same is true of social media. These weren’t opportunities for sharing challenges, getting new perspectives and fresh ideas that would help me take my business to the level I wanted. You just can’t do that over Facebook.

I needed a tribe of like-minded, success driven women on the same path as me. I needed a community that lifted each member up, and encourages them to raise the bar by challenging each other to set and take action on goals, brainstorm new ideas and solutions, and support each other with honesty, respect and compassion. That’s when I began to think about masterminding.

Masterminding was something that I had heard of before. At their core, mastermind groups offer entrepreneurs like me brainstorming sessions that offer actionable advice, mentorship, and business solutions for success. But, as you can see, I wanted that…AND MORE. I was looking for a community that would offer me a welcoming, encouraging and empowering environment filled with a tribe I could call my own. So I set about creating it, and I am so glad I did.

In addition to the community and tribe I was looking for, my mastermind group has also become my Board of Advisors, my cheerleaders, and my Accountability partners because let’s be honest….it’s easy to let life and business overwhelm us and take us off course.

That’s when I can send an email or pick up the phone and have another woman in business on the other end who knows me, my biz and what I’m going through…and who has no problem kicking my butt and getting me back on track!

I’ve been able to stretch my thinking and expand my possibilities surrounded by a tribe of people who genuinely care about both my personal and professional growth and want to help me succeed.

My business is thriving with new clients, new opportunities, and lots of attention to keep this momentum going. I am feeling excited and inspired. Gone are the days of being alone and overwhelmed with nowhere to turn to. I’ve got my mastermind group now.

xo Samantha

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