Shout Outs from YOU!

Julie Ferlisi of The Write Approach Professional Services (

Over the past four months, working with Samantha and my Masterminding team has been incredible. Every member of our group comes from a different industry, and we share our knowledge and experiences to help each other. We hold each other accountable to achieve monthly goals, check in to see how we are progressing and provide encouragement and understanding when one of us needs it. In a relatively short time of knowing each other, I can confidently say that my successes over the past four months are due in a large part to the ideas I have received and implemented from being a part of this group.

Entrepreneurship can make you feel like an off-balance juggler… you’re operating a growing business, participating in professional development opportunities, meeting new business owners and trying to balance being a wife and a mother, all the same time. It can also be lonely. You’re in your head often (and your house) listening to your own thoughts, and it can be overwhelming if you do not have people to collaborate with on a regular basis.  Knowing that you can reach out to a group of other business owners whenever you need motivation—or a sanity check—is extremely valuable.

Masterminding has helped me—and my business—achieve a greater level of confidence, accountability and profitability. I am so glad that I said “yes” to working with Samantha and my Masterminding team!


Heather Di Santo of Di Santo Event Management

“When Samantha started coaching me and suggested I join her Mastermind, I had no idea what I was getting myself in to.  Being new to entrepreneurship, I was excited at the possibility of working with a group of like-minded people and leveraging their skills, experiences, and knowledge to build the business of my dreams.  And that is exactly what has happened!

Having the opportunity to talk about the challenges I’m facing and brainstorming solutions brings me clarity and focus each month to set intentions and goals.  In return, I am thrilled to be able to provide my feedback and perspective on others’ businesses to help them succeed.  It’s a win-win!

The guest experts speak on pertinent topics, like social media and PR, which have given me the confidence and tools to better build my brand through these mediums.

I am held accountable by my teammates and feel comfortable speaking my truth with no fear of rejection or ridicule.  This is very important to me, and the reasons why masterminding with a supportive community has been a key ingredient in growth of my business.”


Julie Ferlisi of The Write Approach Professional Services (

“You helped me believe that I can move my business forward, and I refer to your advice/guidance often when I am making decisions.”