healthy habit fail

Doesn’t it seem like bad habits are crazy easy to create, but trying to implement good habits is like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill every day only to have it come rolling back down overnight? I mean, drinking an obscene amount of Diet Pepsi every day? No problem. Trying to put a better morning routine in place despite not being a morning person? boulder up the hill city.

And then the negative self-talk takes over. I’m struggling. I can’t do this. And before you know it, creating this new habit gets to the point where I haven’t done anything for days. It’s made worse by the fact that I don’t want to go back and revisit my failure so I don’t. I just let the good habit creation project go.

It happened recently when I tried to implement a practice suggested by Rachel Hollis in ep. 72 of her RISE podcast to bring a little more gratitude and manifest thinking into my life. Though something I have practiced in my business life for years, I had never really opened up myself to the power of manifest thinking in my personal life until the latter half of last year and Rachel’s practice seemed to be a great starting point for me.

It was simple, involved only a little bit of journaling, and focused on two areas of my personal life that I knew could use a boost via better habits.

Inspired by the magic and sense of wonderful possibilities that comes at the end of every year, I dove in strong and saw some progress. I got five days in (not five days straight, but…) before the new year hit, and then I stalled. If I’m being honest, I let other things take over. Maybe they were more important. Maybe they weren’t. Before I knew it, 11 days had passed and I hadn’t even opened the journal. And this is not a one-off occurrence. It happens all the time for me where creating good habits in my personal life are concerned.

Why can’t I seem to make a good habit stick?

I am sipping a Diet Pepsi as I write this, and, yes, I have since found the courage to reopen that journal and pick up get back to work creating the gratitude and manifest thinking practice I put down for 11 days. And, yes, on the first day back to journaling, my first gratitude item was having the courage to reopen the journal and get back to work. But why do I have to go through the fall off the wagon phase? Why does it have to be as hard as pushing a boulder up a hill?

There are too many good habits we ‘should’ be implementing ‘right now’

From a Dave Chappelle stand-up special on Netflix to Mark Manson’s book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, which I’m reading right now, I’ve been surround by the realization that in today’s day and age we are so tuned in and aware that it’s become an overload situation. That is to say, that we are so aware of all the things to out there that need our attention that we’ve become desensitized to all of the things out there that need our attention.

For me, I think back to September 11, 2001. I remember exactly where I was. The announcement coming over the PA system in my journalism class. I remember TV’s in the hallways with everyone gathered around watching. It was a defining moment for me. It was also before Facebook and Twitter, and that’s why the event made such an impact for me. Now with the invention of social media and the widespread access to the internet, we hear about tragic events all the time and nothing really hits us the way it did pre-Facebook…because it’s everywhere. It hits us every day.

Putting my blinders on

I have found the same is true of trying to implement good habits in my personal life. You may have found it in both your personal and business life. Because let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of opportunities in either realm to be inundated every day with all the ways our lives need to be better and how ‘easy’ it is to make them better. We’ve all seen the Facebook and Instagram ads telling us how ‘easy’ it is.

But where do I start? Which habit should I implement first? That has always been my issue. It wasn’t until a friend told me flat out, “You’re going to have to put blinders on,” that it clicked. You see, that’s what I have always done in my business. It’s what I’ve taught others to do. It’s a big part of not only HOW my Level Up Bootcamp came to be, but also what I teach in it. But it hasn’t translated into my personal life. Until now.

I have spent the last few days unfollowing pages and friends that give me that overwhelmed feeling. I’ve begun to acknowledge the pushing boulders up the hill thoughts, release them and replace them with the reminder that what we focus on expands. And I’m focusing on the ease of writing in a journal every day. I’m also focusing on the changes I want to feel via my Vision Board that’s hung in a focal point of my day-to-day life. Yes, my blinders are up as I focus on my guiding word for this year: Sam.

Feel like you’ve got the habits you need for success in your personal life, but need some help in your business?

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