For many of us, this is the last week of school. While we’ve been feeling this time of year looming over us all month, I always find that the anxiety REALLY HITS this week.

What are the burning things that MUST get done before the week is through? Am I forgetting about any client requirements? Do I have every task, meeting, and deadline laid out in my calendar (which will be my iron clad guide for the next nine weeks)? These are just a few of the thoughts racing through my mind right now.

If your kiddos are going to camp, then you might not be feeling the end of the school year as tightly as the rest of us. You likely have some stress over the first week of camp and the change in routine, but, once you get through that week, you should have pretty smooth sailing ahead for the most part.

But what if you’re kids are staying home for the majority of the summer? How will you keep momentum in your business? 

You’ve likely planned to take a bit of a step back in anticipation for having the kids home, but you will inevitably have to get some work done at some point. So how will you keep them busy so that you can that?

Playdates are an option, and there’s always nap time. But what if you need more time than that?

Not to worry. I’ve got you covered!

Here are the top four techniques that I use to keep my six and two year old busy when this Mama has to get some sh@$ done:

#1) Go shopping in the basement where all the toys that your kids seem to have forgotten existed live…and bring them out.

Your kids will gravitate to these “new” toys and spend hours playing with them…so you can get some work time in.

Want to take it one step further so you’re prepared for next time? I have a bin (or two) of toys that ONLY come out when I am working. That way they are always special and new for my kids, which keeps my little guys interested in them for hours so I can work.

#2) Before getting down to business, spend some time filling your child’s cup.

Read a book with them, play a board game or go outside. Spend some time doing whatever their favourite activity is. That way, when you do need to excuse yourself to do some work, they won’t be left feeling like they aren’t getting any of your time and will be more likely to play independently while you bang some work out.

# 3) Whether you have a home office or a corner of the kitchen table, give your child their own spot where they can “work” too.

Penny’s corner desk in my office may look like a mess, but it’s a place where she can come and feel like she is a part of my business and all that I am doing, which in turn makes her feel like it’s her business too. She takes pride in my business and is eager to help – even if that simply means playing quietly while Mama is on a call.

#4) Set out goals that, once met, signal time for you all to do something as a family to celebrate together.

For example, if Mama can get 4 calls made without being interrupted, we’ll play 3 rounds of Jenga. Or, if Mama can get this project wrapped up, we can go to the local play place for the afternoon.

Giving your kids targets to aim for that are attached to rewards that mean spending time with you, kills two birds with one stone. You get to work AND they get to feel like a part of what you’re doing + get some quality time in with you…which is really what they’re looking for when they interrupt you most of the time. Maybe that’s 3 birds…

All of these work for our family and are easy to implement into your household. They will take time to introduce and get your children used to them, but the biggest tip I can give you is to invest that time. Once my children understood what the expectations were and how it all affected them, we had a lot less tantrums and interruptions when it was time for Mama to do some work.
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